The Free QA

  • Perform a self-assessment by documenting the status of conformance with each major standard. This can be done in a two hour staff meeting, using the Self-Assessment of Conformance template and the 2017 Standards.

  • Prepare a draft Self-Assessment Report.

  • Invite a CAE-type from another organization to visit for a day:
    • Explain your Self-Assessment of Conformance
    • Allow them to review any documents you reference, and read several audit reports, to understand your opinion of conformance. Maybe also phone-interview those to whom IA functionally and administratively reports.
    • Complete a Validation Statement and the Self-Assessment Report

  • Best if done in a three organization format: A review B, B review C, C review A.

Download the SA-Tools zipped file below for templates.

Larry Hubbard,
Nov 26, 2018, 2:19 PM