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Audit Training

Larry Hubbard has always offered wide variety of training courses for internal auditors. Also, years of experience in auditing, corporate management, professional training, IT auditing, and financial reporting have prepared Larry to develop almost any other internal audit training that you need. From internal controls to risk assessments to self-assessment, Larry can use his experience to provide effective training to internal auditors and their management. Larry can fit together and explain all the buzz-words of auditing: COSO, CoCo, SOX, GRC, COBIT, ERM, CSA, CRSA, CAATT, QA, IA-CM. This makes Larry highly-effective in showing others the "big picture" then drilling down into the details. Please contact Larry for more information, or see my Training Log for past courses.

Larry's seminars are mainly held at the conclusion of a Quality Assessment, to review the QA results and present new topics. If presented stand-alone, they can be held on-site for 8 to 30 participants. The cost is $5,000 per seminar day, including domestic travel expenses. 

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