Larry Hubbard offers quality assessment, training and consulting services to internal auditors. Larry performs full external Quality Assessments and validates the self-assessments of audit departments (SAIV) for compliance with the International Standards for Professional Practice of Internal Auditing. Larry also facilitates the self-assessment process for departments using the Internal Audit Capability Model (IA-CM) published by The IIA Research Foundation.

Audit Beliefs

Before I come on-site, you should know some things about my audit views. These are at the core of all my work.

I believe:
  • Management controls are things managers put in place to help activities work right.
  • Setting objectives is one of the most basic management controls.
  • Internal control frameworks, like COSO and CoCo, are mainly for auditors.
  • There's no such thing as a "good audit finding".
  • The best audit report is no audit report - as in, Everything Was OK!
  • Everything internal auditors do should help reduce the need for after-the-fact auditing.
  • Recommendations don't add value. Implementation does.
  • Consulting is about improving process flow; auditing is about finding controls in process flow.
  • People doing the work always know more than those reviewing their work.
  • In the future, great auditors must be great facilitators.

I also believe training should be fun!

  • Participants learn more when it is fun.
  • Fun makes everyone more creative.
  • Having fun is good for auditors.
  • Boring training is really boring!
Want to know why I believe these things? Contact me.

Larry Hubbard