Conference and Meeting Presentations
I'd love to make a one or two hour presentation at a conference or meeting you are planning. I'll make a great presentation, for a few hundred dollars and some travel expenses! Some possible topics are listed below - but you can always suggest others! 

You can follow this link for a list of my presentation events

Please contact me for more information or see a short description of all the topics here.

  • The Truth about Auditors and Root Cause Analysis - Its Not What You Think It Is
  • Integrating the 3rd Line of Defense Concept with Other Auditing Tools
  • COSO Update - 2013
  • Adding Quality to Quality Assessments
  • Risk-Based Auditing or Importance-Based Auditing?
  • Ten Ways to Measure the Success of Internal Auditing
  • The Risk Matrix - Revisited
  • Operational Auditing - What's the Criteria?
  • CAE - The Keeper of the Cube
  • Risk Assessment - Is Everybody Confused?
  • ERM - A Practical Approach
  • CSA - What Is It and Why Do It?
  • Integrated Auditing - Don't You Just Mean Auditing?
  • CSA - What's Culture Got to Do With It?
  • Mistakes Auditors Make in CSA
  • Implementing a Successful CSA Program
  • If You Listen, They Will talk
  • Creativity - An Essential Skill for Internal Auditors
  • Risky Business - Risk Assessment in Auditing
  • Butterflies and Sweat Beads - The Perils of Public Speaking
  • Best Practices in Internal Auditing
  • Internal Controls - What You Need to Know
  • The Best Audit Report is No Audit Report
  • Reporting Results - It's Not Just Another Audit Report


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