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Other Projects

In the past few years, I’ve focused on Internal Audit Quality Assessments.




QA - Clothing Business
QA - City Utility

2018    QA - Regional Credit Union
QA - Local CPA firm


QA - Building Supply Co

QA - State Agency

Validation of Self Assessment - Several state agencies

QA - Regional bank

QA - National bank

Validation of Self Assessment - Large Credit Union

QA - Retail Chain

QA - Bank

QA - State Agency

Validation of Self Assessment - University

Validation of Self Assessment - Local CPA firm

Facilitation and Validation of IA-Capability Model - National Bank

Validation of Self-Assessment - Energy company


Validation of Self Assessment - several state agencies

QA - University

Validation of Self Assessment - Financial Institution


QA - Regional Bank

Review of Audit Procedure Manual - University

Advising on Risk Assessment Process - Financial Institution

Validation of Self Assessment - Association


Quality Assessment - Insurance Company
QA - City Utility
QA - Charity
QA - Clothing Business
Advising Audit Department on Risk Assessment, QA, and Performance Evaluations


Validation of Quality Self-Assessment - Oil Company

Advisor to Board Audit Committee - Electric company

Compliance Letter Regarding Standards

Validation of Quality Self-Assessment - University


Validation of Quality Self-Assessment - VA Government Agencies (4)

Validation of Quality Self-Assessment - PA Hospital

Quality Assurance Review - VA Government Agencies (2)

Compliance Letter Regarding Standards - International Auditing Firm


Quality Assurance Review - VA University

Validation of Self-Assessment - VA Auditing Firm

Validation of Self-Assessment - VA Not-for-Profit

Quality Assessment Review - OH Bank

Quality Assessment Review - AL Mining Company

Quality Assessment Review - CHL Technology Company

Validation of Self-Assessment - VA

Validation of Self-Assessment - DC

Compliance Letter Regarding Standards

Quality Assessment Review - SFO Banking Organization

Validation of Self-Assessment - PA Financial Organization