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Welcome to my business and personal website - I'm glad you're here. Please look around and find out more about both Larry Hubbard & Associates and Larry Hubbard. You'll likely think all my inter-woven websites are a hobby. I guess that's right. I'm not a web designer, but I do like to know how things work. So, I've linked together websites, social media sites and just about everything else in these pages. It's a real maze, but it helps me learn how things work!

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Internal Audit Services

My recent focus is providing Quality Assurance services to internal audit departments. This includes both full external assessments and validations of self-assessments.  I can also help departments self-assess using the Internal Audit Capability Model (IA-CM) published by the IIA Research Foundation. You can get an idea of what I do by following these links of past work.

Other Stuff

And now the other stuff! This is best described by the almost-daily posts on my Facebook Personal Page. Send me a friend request!

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